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The Base Of Our Unique Formula

Sumagrow is an extremely concentrated blend and a unique combination of living microbes that are found in healthy soil. These naturally occurring, interdependent, stable bacterial and fungal populations result in amplified production, improved soil respiration, and larger, healthier plants, across a wide variety of plant types when applied as directed.  

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Popular Science

Earth Harvest Forage Boost

Farmers and ranchers worldwide use about 180 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer every year, much of which eventually runs into waterways and oceans, causing algae blooms that kill aquatic life. The mix of more than 30 microbes in Forage Boost could eliminate all other fertilizer use on the planet's eight billion acres of pasture grass.

AuroraAgra Product Line


Earth Harvest Product Line

- Higher yield in crop productivity 
- Improves root and plant growth 
- Requires less water
- Requires less fertilizer
- Improves soil health 
- Maintains soil's pH balance 
- Stimulates germination

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The main ingredient in all of our products, Sumagrow, was developed and fine-tuned in cooperation with scientists at Michigan State University....



Earth Harvest with SumaGrow Inside SumaGrow with its polymicrobial formulation greatly increases crop productivity with less dependence on petrochemical fertilizers and...

Organic (Omri-Listed)

Organic (Omri-Listed)

 FOR ORGANIC USE The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has stated that SumaGrow will be included on the OMRI Products...




SumaGrow- A "NEW" Dimension for Sustainable Agriculture. 100% Natural Soil Products for Higher Yields and Healthier Crops.

See What Our Customer's are saying

  • Dr. Clemon Terrell
    As Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Hattiesburg, I can say unequivocally that ReeCourse Golf’s turf products (containing SumaGrow inside)  have done an excellent job in refurbishing our soil and providing healthy growth for our hybrid Bermuda grass.

    Dr. Clemon Terrell


    Director of Parks & Recreation City of Hattiesburg

  • Arthur Herrin, Home Gardener,
    “I have not used any commercial fertilizer at all and still have these great results using your completely organic product.”

    Arthur Herrin, Petal,MS


    Home Gardener

  • Rhonda & Don Belleck,
    “The grass came out earlier, was thicker and greener than I have ever seen for this time of year. For the first time the cows could not keep up with the growth and this year, we will have hay to cut from these fields.”
  • Bob Groulx, Commercial Corn Grower,  Munger, Michigan
    “Not only did I experience a higher yield, but the 600 acres treated matured ten days earlier than the untreated section.”

    Bob Groulx, Munger, Michigan


    Commercial Corn Grower